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February 2, 2020  

About Us

February 2, 2020

 Retrospection Radio is an audio drama podcast dedicated to training aspiring voice actors and producing quality content. All members featured have only been in the business for a maximum of two years.

 Retrospection Radio has a focus on horror, but occasionally tells other stories. The idea is to shift from an ever increasing political world to, instead, tell the stories of people trying to live in a real world – whether that world is infested with superheros, monsters, or other people. Our belief here at Retrospection Radio is that anyone, and anything can cause fright in our souls. We are proud to bring new and unique stories that (we hope) can subvert our audience’s expectations.

 Retrospection Radio was founded by Noah Martin in his senior year of high school (January 2017). It has been running monthly ever since. He does audio, music, scripting, and directing. He is proud to get his stories out there as he feels they need to be heard.


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Quotes from Our Characters

"Four days ago I would’ve thought it impossible to experience a new world in an old one. Now… Look at it. All because of some girl I can’t remember from poetry camp…"

Riley – Letters From Alice Miles (Season 1)


"All of the best monster movies end with something exploding or catching on fire. The only thing that will be forgotten is you, sludge fudge."

Hope Wilson – It Came From Down the Stairs (Season 3)


"At least we are going to act. The rest of you are going to stay here in this room and stand before a biased trial. For those of you who wish to see Democracy, come with me."

Octavia – Hunted Legislative (Season 2)