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November 3, 2019  

The Black Cat (An Adaptation)

November 3, 2019

Adapted from Edgar Allen Poe's famous and best-selling hit, "The Black Cat".  We are proud to bring you this thrilling tale!  This is the story of a man who has recently gotten married to a wonderful woman.  They both have a fascination with pets, and find themselves adopting many strange and exotic creatures - who knew that the oddest of which would be a Black Cat? Starring:


Ursula Veign as Retrospection Narrator

EurasianRob as Narrator

Alex Riley as Wife

AC9123 as Officer 1

Zachary MacKenzie as Officer 2


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We are a podcast in the style of old timey radio dramas and mysteries. Our goal is to inspire and bring back the love people feel for radio drama. These dramas have alternating casts, so you always have a shot at auditioning.

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